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Seedling Nursery project

Construction of Seedling Nursery has started in sangam schools in the western division.  so far 7 nursery's has been constructed for the schools to engage and empower students on agriculture. 

The first phase will be construction of nersery in all sangam schools.

The second phase will be educating students to identify the seeds and planting them using conventional methods. (i.g tyres, containers, plastic bottles, gallons etc.

The third will be monitoring and evaluating the best school carrying out the project successfully and taking this project into the surronding communities.

The teachers are to make sure the students practice this at their homes as well.

World of Difference Program

SangamFiji Foundation currently joined hands with Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation for their World of Difference program. Jitendra Naidu was assigned as the the project officer for the World of Difference program with a contract of 4 months and has achived alot with the guidence and suport from the CEO Sangam Fiji; Mr Jagannath Sami and the National Executives.

Jitend is working round the clock to turn things around for Sangam as whole and for the betterment of our poor & venerable members in the communinity and others at large.

We strongly beleive in our theme for this year: "REACHING OUT TO SERVE ALL"

Things Acheived in last 4 months.
1.      Seedling distribution to 42 schools in the Western Division.  So far 352 trays and 250 loose bags of seedlings were distributed in the communities and schools.

Food Security program in schools and communities.  Helped poor & needy farmers with distribution of seedlings and emphasize them in growing their own vegetables for healthy eating style as well as to improve their living standards.

3. Agricultural awareness programs in schools, engage & empower students in backyard gardening and highlighting its importance. 

Monitor and evaluate Sangam and other school canteens in selling fresh produce to the children.
Help in formation of Sangam NCD group with the help from Divisional Health Sister and the President of Maathar Sangam.  11 people were trainned in 2 day workshop to do the screening. The group does screening to students, poor and the disabled people in the community.


6.Formation of Nadi District Youth Council with the help of  Ministry of Youth & Sports.


 7.   Child Health Survey in schools here in west to identify the health status os our children in Sangam School.

7.      8. Visited to Sunshine special school, Nadi Special, Navakai Hart Home, Natabua Golden Age Home.

9. Survey done at Ba Mission Hospital to identify the need to upgrade the service to the public.  Things which to light that the emergency room needs some maintenance, painting of wards, repair of toilet facilities etc.  Will be meeting the Board of visitors to discuss on the issues.
10. Form mHealth School council in west with inclusion of all Sangam schools and health promoting schools.  These teachers will than form mHealth School clubs in their respective schools involving parents and other associate people.


       11. Facilitated donation of a TV set to Nadi Health Centre by liaising with TISI Nadi District.

1.  Organized 2 day Micro-Insurance workshop for other district community workers.


Up Coming Projects

·         1. Introduce Health and Wellness Policy in all Sangam and Health Promoting Schools in west.

·         Recommend on medicinal farming in schools and communities with agro culture.

·         2. Run micro insurance and other financial management awareness programs in rural areas with stakeholders such as Pacific Financial Inclusion Program.

·         3. Arrange NCD screening for poor and venerable market vendors/parents in village areas.

4.  1 ward in every hospital to look after by Sangam Fiji Foundation and Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation.

·        5.  Set small nursery in 1 central school in every district and create jobs for unemployed youths/poor people in each district.

·         6. Survey Loloma Orphanage/single mother's Home in Nadi and setup income generating projects for single mothers and other people living there.

·         7. Establishment of Agro-Training farm at Sangam Nawai farm in Nadi and help poor and venerable farmer’s children attain qualification in agro training and help to start small income generating projects, like Bee farming, Fish Farming etc.

·         8. Setup Senior citizens centre in Nadi, where seniors will meet and exchange ideas for the betterment of the organization and the country as whole.  As part of some activities they will have language classes for the interested people.


School mHealth And Wellness Symposium West

School mHealth And Wellness Symposium West

The Sangam Fiji Foundation organised a professional development session for 13 schools in the West for 26 school teachers in partnership with the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation and ACATA Trust Fiji.

The aim of the programme was to establish mHealth council in west and mHealth clubs in 20 schools and steer children away from diseases by connecting children to garden. The programme also saw individuals bringing about change to their families through cooking right and feeding children with food that sustains the next generation.

The programme encompassed, NCD Screening , School Health and Wellness Policy, Children’s health at Risk, Medical Socio-economic programme, Formation of mHealth Council , Cottage Industry, Importance of Backyard Gardening, Food Security/Healthy Canteens, Child Health Survey , Improving Academic performance of children through healthy life style, Eating from Rainbow.

The programme was conducted by Ms Ambalika Kutty Foundation Executive and Mr Roshan Lal - Executive Director ACATA Trust.

Another session is scheduled for Febuary next year for the formation of Sangam mHealth Council to look after the health and welness policy of Sangam Schools in the country.



SangamFiji Foundation in collaboration with Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation has launched a   Sustainable Food Programme to help those poor and needy students in our community who aren’t able to meet their daily needs in terms of food/clothing/stationery etc. 

The objective is to facilitate teaching of horticulture at schools, specially targeting poor children to enable them to grow vegetables at home and also generate some income for their family.

So far we managed to distribute vegetable seedlings to 43 schools in the western division and around 40 poor and venerable farmers. The schools are to accommodate the poor and needy students who don’t bring lunch to schools or doesn’t have proper school stationeries for the studies and promote horticulture in school involving the students.

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation and TISI Sangam will now move in the rural areas to assist farmers with vegetable seedlings to grow for food and additional income to improve their living standards.  Seedlings of Egg Plant, Capsicum, Long Chilies, Tomatoes, and Cabbage seedlings would distribute to the poor in the communities.

RATU NAVULA                                                   BA MUSLIM PRIMARY

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