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In pondering over this page one is bewildered as to what Sangam has not done. Right from education, culture, tradition, seminars and symposiums have been landmark of Sangam

1. Sangam's greatest achievement has been venturing into Sangam College of Nursing and promoting sceince and health care in country aprt from managing and successful running its 21 Primary and 5 Secondary Schools. This has been through the sacrifice of each family from a handful of rice.

2. Hundreds of Temples for worshipping for the Indian communities.

3. Sangam has thought fit to introduce the teaching' of the Fijian Language in its schools not only to the Fijians but to other races as well.

4. The reintroduction of teaching of Tamil and Telegu in Sangam Schools.

5. Most Secondary Schools have had the privilege of having computers and computer teaching in their schools.

6. Having Convention and highlighting the years events in the Annual Magazines have been the greatest landmark of this auspicious organization. Together with feeding the thousands per day during the Convention.

7. Opening of Sangam Branches abroad involving them in Activities in their countries and inviting them to join us during our Convention cannot be left unnoticed.

8. Involvement of Mothers in all aspects of the Sangam activities is yet another achievement.

9. Sangam is one organisation which has a fully fledged office providing services to its members.

10. The Organisation has established its own Education Board where issues pertaining to education are discussed and positive steps taken

11. In Sporting the year 2000 will stand out when the World Cup was held under the Sangam Banner in Vancouver VC

12. The year 2001 saw the establishment of the Sangam Institute of Technology and its affiliation with the Tafe College of Australia. Students can now get the courses in Nadi at a cheaper rate and save costs of traveling and billeting in Australia.

13. A multi million dollar complex completed in 1994. This has become a tourist attraction and Fiji's landmark.

14. Another, yet the only in Fiji, is the intake of the students of the special cases in Form 3 who have successfully completed their primary schooling though being deaf and dumb.

15. Sangam has ventured into Business and Commerce like the 'Neem' cultivation in Nadroga, Bee & Honey grouping in Nadi and Labasa. Letting and rent 8 shopping complex facilities in Labasa and having the traditional cane farms in Labasa, Nadi and Ba.

16. Of all achievements is the multi million dollar national temple built in Nadi which stands as a monument not only in Fiji but in the South Pacific.

17. In 2005 Sangam School of Nursing was established from a rented premises of FSC in Labasa. Plans are underway to construct a Nursing School Complex in Labasa and this project should start by end of 2006. Land bought in the Siberia road for this new complex.

18. 12th year Celebrations of Mahakumbhabhishekam of Nadi Temple to be celebrated from 28th June to 2nd July 2006.

19. Renovations and additions to Temple complex being carried out. Additions to current temple been made; shoe/power house, new chariot and peacock house also added. Temple has been fully re-painted and redecorated. Two artists from India were hired to do this job.

20. Temple is grateful to Dr. Ponnu S Goundar for donating a beautiful silver peacock worth more than $50,000.00 and to Mr Babu Ganesh for donating a modern Ratham (Chariot) worth more than $30,000.00. We are ever grateful to our donors. Lord Murugan's blessing be upon them all.

21. Nadi District TISI Council proudly opened its new Kindergarten block in March 2007. This building will have 3 Kindergarten rooms below, 1 computer lab, Office and Library at the top.

22. SIT opens its new Centre for Dance and Music at the Sangam Primary School refurbished quarters. Ms Chandrani Pillay the H O D will be assisted by other tutors who will teach dance, vocal and instrumental music to students and many others who have joined the day and evening programme. Centre opened on Thursday May 31st 2007

23. A building in the Central Labasa Town was bought in middle 2007 for the relocation of the Sangam Nursing School. This building is renovated and upgraded to suit a modern Nursing School. Expected time of opening of the School at this premises is early 2008; time for the 1st graduation ceremony.

24. Promoting Education and Sports at the same time

25. Expanding its doors in Health care by offering Degree courses in Nursing.

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