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A full list of members registered as paid Life Members are shown in there respective distrits or countries where they have registered themselves. For easier reference we have sorted the names to countries or districts. Please check on the link provide below and for any query e-mail or call us on +(679) 6700016. 

Intending Sangam members who wish to become paid Life Members of TISI Sangam please download from the link provided below and fill in all relevant details. Please note your Life Membership number will only be given once the amout of FJD$40.00 is paid to the TISI Sangam Head Office in Fiji. You may choose to bank the money into our ANZ Nadi Account or send a bank draft. For clarification on method of payment please e-mail or

If you choose to do online registration, please download application form from the below link and forward to our address for registration. 


The FJD$40.00 must be received before a life membership number and receipt is given. The FJD$40.00 includes  FJD$35.00 for membership fees and FJD$5.00 for the ID Card.


You must advise the Sangam Head Office immediately once you have actioned either of the options above. It's recommended that all persons of South Indian origin linked to Fiji become paid life members of Sangam. This will allow the members to participate in all activities of TISI Sangam including the Annual General Meeting.

* TISI Sangam Life Membership Registered List, Click Here.

* Life Membership Application Form, Click Here.


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