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 Sangam Farm Fresh Honey


TISI Sangam took another milestone step in Api Culture by setting up Bee Farming at Nawai Farm in Nadi.  The initial setup started with 5 boxes of Bee Hives which was bought from the Ministry of Agriculture.  The project kick started in January 2012.  First harvesting of 80kg was done in April 2012, later on another 5 boxes were added in October 2012.  Currently we have a total of 20 boxes of Bee Hives which will be ready for harvesting middle of this year.

Sangam Bee farming is entirely monitored and supervised by Mr Munesh Gounder who acts as a Technical Advisor of this course.


Kartik Honey is now available for sale, 1KG is $22.00.

How it Works?

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Please contact Praneeta Chetty on 6700016 or 9993046